• Tweezer Set
  • Tweezer Set

Tweezer Set

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Tweezer Set has all the answers to your tweezing needs. Including a Slanted Tweezer, a Pointed Tweezer and a Precision Pointed Tweezer you’ll have defined brows and accidental mishaps will be eliminated!

How to use - 
Slanted Tweezer
Perfect for keeping brows neat and tidy. Use the slanted tip to pluck hairs from beneath the brow and add shape. Neat arches… no problem!

Flat Tweezers
These tweezers have the perfect tip for thick, unruly hairs. Allowing you to get close to the skin and pluck right from the root, they will ensure your strays are kept at bay!

Precision Pointed Tweezer
Enables you to create defined lines with the slanted tip but also remove those ultra-fine hairs from the brow. This wonderful tweezer allows for precise plucking time after time!